We all aspire for a better world, where better individuals inhabit its spaces, working harmoniously within influential teams, driven by impactful goals that shape a superior society. To manifest this grand vision, the journey commences by refining our focus and striving to become better versions of ourselves. Indeed, it is from this very principle that everything takes root.

The purpose of the “I am my own boss” notebook is to instill the belief that you alone possess the power to consciously take charge of your life’s direction. No one else can do it for you!

 I Am My Own Boss

The notebook “I am my own boss” is designed for the enterprising and curious individuals – essentially, for everyone who has come to realize that achieving small goals systematically propels you closer to your loftier aspirations. In this journey, you stand as the most pivotal leader, driving the change forward.

Your journey starts with focusing on self-improvement and embracing conscious self-leadership. After all, you are the ultimate master of your own life!

This notebook is meant for you if:

  • You’ve come to the realization that you, yourself, are the finest conductor of your life’s symphony.
  • You’re willing to shatter patterns and forge your own life principles.
  • You’re ready to craft the “You Vol. 2” version, transcending and evolving.
  • You’ve grasped the interwoven nature of your self-development and the quality of your life.
  • You’ve understood that your self-image casts its spell upon every facet of your existence.
  • You’ve recognized that life grants you what you focus on most intently.
  • You’ve comprehended that excellence carries a similar realm of influence as mediocrity.

Be emboldened to engage more in the pursuits that truly bring you joy!


The daily calendar page comprises:

  • Today’s Focus – jotting down the day’s focal point aids in maintaining a planned trajectory in your activities.
  • Activities – record all the tasks you intend to complete throughout the day and allocate specific time slots for them.
  • Phone and Email Notes – whether you’re steering a business, self-directing, or leading teams, there’s a perpetual need for calls and emails. Who are the individuals propelling you forward on your journey? Remember, your brain isn’t a trash bin – pen it down.
  • Daily Self-Improvement Activities:
  • These are the engagements centered around becoming a superior version of yourself. It’s the labor of self that enables feats you didn’t dare dream of. These activities facilitate equilibrium, infuse fresh knowledge into your being, and foster the emergence and cultivation of new habits.
  • Read for at least 15 minutes – reading nurtures creativity and imagination, delivers novel experiences, sparks creativity, almost like going on dates with wiser minds.
  • Physical Activity – exercise influences your entire system. Through physical exertion, your body gains strength, your thoughts clarity, and a smile graces your face.
  • Developing a Habit – contemplate a fresh habit you’ll engage with daily during a month, one that supports your aspirations. Research confirms that a new habit forms in just 21 days.
  • Listening to a Podcast – it’s an excellent way to learn from others and infuse yourself with new information. Tune into podcasts while walking, exercising, driving, and more.
  • Personal Reflection – carve a moment to visualize, dream, analyze, and plan. Also, seize the moment to be thought-free, if only briefly.
  • Gratitude… – record the moment of gratitude for today.
  • Hydration – drinking water yields positive effects on health, refreshing both body and mind, empowering you to perform at a high level.


This notebook serves as a unique companion, a tool that bolsters your pursuit of accomplishments. It aids in analysis, planning, growth, and action. Yet, it requires adept time management, setting priorities, cultivating new habits, visualization, and stepping out of your comfort zone – all crucial components of your daily routine.

The decision is up to you – you can choose to include all the self-improvement activities mentioned or just a few. But remember, sticking to a consistent routine is important. When you do, you’ll see the positive effects, as self-improvement influences every part of your life!

This is a calendar-free agenda notebook, allowing you the choice to commence filling it immediately or await the arrival of January 1st. While filling it, you have the freedom to designate calendar days within each month based on the year, perhaps aided by your smartphone. Here, you can craft and embrace the role of a conscious leader.

What sets this notebook apart is its unique compilation of daily self-improvement and tasks/activities. The spotlight is on each calendar month’s plans and analyses. A significant aspect of the calendar day is to ensure that self-improvement activities are not an afterthought but an integral part of the day. Every thousand-mile adventure begins with small steps.

Jaga sõpradega!